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4 Office Locations For You To Use

Dear Traci,

Every agent is different, but the one thing that every agent needs is support. It is the key to having a successful real estate career, and no one does that better for their agents than Coldwell Banker McMahan. Our agents have access to management 24/7 to help with questions, guidance, transaction management, risk reduction and coaching. Whether you need help with paperwork, creating flyers, client resource management, social media marketing, or you just need to talk out a unique real estate transaction, we have you covered. Our agents have access to a real estate attorney, office coordinators, and some of the best leaders in our industry.


Our culture is based on working in a place that makes you happy. Our agents have a sense of unity, and we believe in a team environment. Our experienced agents are always eager to share their knowledge and experience because we know that success breeds success. We have continuous learning opportunities, idea sharing, and we individualize our approach with each agent based on their unique wants and needs. We know our agents personally and believe in the power of a work life balance.


Simply put, we have the best tools in the business to catapult your career. Our agents have access to cutting edge platforms such as digital listing presentations, automated email systems, marketing and client campaigns, automated social media posts, and top-notch websites. And for those not as comfortable with technology, we have classes, videos and one on one training to make sure that each one of our agents can take advantage of all of our time-saving tools. Our agent support package is valued at $18,000 a year and can significantly increase your bottom line, as well as save you valuable time.


We also believe in rewarding our agents for their success. As your business grows, so will your paycheck. We have a very competitive commission structure and agents have the option of capping at certain levels.


We have 4 locations, 4 office managers, and office coordinators. This provides you with convenience, access, and support no matter where you are working. We have the best brand in the business built on honesty and integrity. We believe in giving back to our communities and our company participates in many charitable programs.


If you want to take your career to the next level, we would love to talk to you and show you exactly what you are missing. Reach out to any of our agents and talk to them about why they love working at Coldwell Banker McMahan because we know you will too.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Kelley Nisbet 

Managing Broker 

Coldwell Banker McMahan 

Central Kentucky 

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Office Coordinators To Serve You!

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Support:  This is key to having a successful real estate career. Our agents have access to management 24/7 to help with questions, guidance, business planning and coaching.  If you need help uploading your listing, processing your paperwork or creating flyers or social media posts, we have you covered. Agents at Coldwell Banker McMahan not only have a team of support staff, but our agents are eager to share their knowledge and experience with each other, as well as provide mentorship to newer agents.


Culture:  Working at a place that makes you happy is the foundation for success. Our agents have a sense of unity and an environment that cultivates growth.  We empower our agents to learn from each other and communication is one of our core values. We get to know our agents personally and we afford opportunities for continuous learning, comradery, and idea sharing. We recognize our agents’ achievements, and we encourage them to get to their next goal. We walk next to them every step of the way. We also believe in giving back to the community, as well as mixing in social events and activities are designed to just have fun and unwind. 


Tools:  Simply put, we have the best tools in the business to catapult your career. Our agents have access to cutting edge platforms from digital listing presentations, client resource management software, to automated social media posting, client care campaigns, and top-notch websites that increase search engine optimization. As with any career, you must have tools in your toolbox to get the job done.


Location:  Bluegrass Realtors has over 30 counties and Coldwell Banker McMahan has you covered with 4 office locations in Central Kentucky.  These locations provide convenience, access, and support. Each one has an office manager, a transaction coordinator, and beautiful facilities with all your equipment needs. You will always have an office close by to meet with clients, print out materials, or just stop in to work or unwind. And when you walk in any of our offices, you will have ready and willing support staff to help you.


Brand:  The Coldwell Banker brand is synonymous with integrity, honesty, and a proven legacy. We were the first real estate company in North America to open its doors in 1906 and today has over 90,000 real estate agents globally. Coldwell Banker McMahan is a trusted family-owned company that has been supporting successful agents for over 30 years. Obviously we encourage our agents to brand themselves individually, while partnering with the global brand for trust and name recognition. It is a win win combination. 

Our Local Market Advertising Campaign for 2023 - 100,000 People

CB National Advertising Campaign
for 50,000,000 People

Current Social Media Campaign
Targeting 25,000 in Central KY

Remembering Our Founder: Ann McDonald
A Real Estate Pioneer in Central Kentucky 

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